School Run

Donovan “Catch the Wind “

Donovan Philips Leitch was born in Scotland in 1946. His influence on the world music scene has been much ignored. He has an amazing output of albums and singles. His track “Sunshine Superman” was said to influence the Beatles St Peppers album and he is credited with teaching Lennon and McCartney a finger picking style of playing which was used extensively on the White album.

Although the music press were very dismissive of him labeling him “The British Dylan” he had a very distinctive style of his own. He lives near Cork in Ireland and has five children including being a step father to Brian Jones’ son Julien.

I picked “Catch the Wind” and as I listened I remembered a morning when I was taking my granddaughter to her primary school. It was the title “Catch the wind” that made me think of her. It is that innocence of childhood that makes all things possible even the impossible.

The world is all wonder and discovery to the young and as we get old we can become weary and cynical. It’s a path I sometimes stray down but try and avoid as much as possible.

If you would like to listen to an audio version of the poem click here


School Run


Her parents have already left for work

After making porridge and toast

We share a story

She reads the words

I add my thoughts to the prose


I plead and she prevaricates

Her hair is platted and teeth brushed

Shoe laces are tied and her coat buttoned

The satchel is found and lunch packed


Together we walk to  school

Her hand trusts mine

The world is all wonder to her

The magma beneath our feet

The snails in the crevices of the wall

How her and Ben will wear matching wedding dresses


We enter the school gates

She spies a friend and runs off

I stand with the

Carers clutching coffees

The cycling lycra clad dads

Heavy footed grandparents

The unbrushed and the rushed

The reluctant and the hesitant

All waiting for the bell to break the spell


©Jeff Price April 2017



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