Communion Wine

Wine with Dinner Loudon Wainwright III

I am huge fan of Loudon Wainwright and have been listening to him since the early 70’s loudon-wainwright-iii-picturesand his music has provided a soundtrack to my life. Although his experiences are not the same as mine, his songs of love and loss have echoed my feelings on many occasions.  It was difficult to pick a song but as I listened this track I remembered being an altar boy at St Roberts and preparing the priests robes in the sacristy and secretly sipping the communion wine. 

I am not a good drinker, I get terrible hangovers and I have learnt over the years to hold back but I still like a glass of wine or pint of beer but I enjoy it best when sitting around a dinner table with family and friends or in a bar chewing the fat with an old friend.

To listen to an audio recording of this poem click here

Communion Wine


In the sanctuary of the sacristy

An altar boy sips the sweet communion wine

Later he tops up the bottle from a tap

It wasn’t only Jesus who could turn water into wine.


Years later he plays Monopoly on a Sunday night

In a sweaty student flat in Jesmond

Passing around demijohns of Spanish Carafino

Like he’s swigging moonshine in Bayou bog


One work night in a Harrogate hotel

When a misguided boss let him order the wine

He washed down his steak and chips

With a bottle of vintage Nuit St George


Dinner parties in the eighties

With a Chianti that came in a straw clad bottle

That someone alway took home to make into a table lamp

But never did.


Now he drinks a bold, dangerous and expensive Italian Amarone

Or a Rioja that wants to have a fight with you over a steak

He carouses with a Cahor wine on a French terrace at sunset

But his idea of heaven is communion with a friend over a pint of Yorkshire Bitter


©Jeff Price May 2017




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