The day we became orphans

Meet on the Ledge. Fairport Convention

I am ten weeks into this blog. At the beginning I didn’t have a strong idea of how the blog2162 would turn out just a commitment to writing a new poem every week for the next 70 weeks. Looking back over the poems, I realise what I am writing is a sort of poetic autobiography. The music element has anchored the poems to certain events from my past and brought back memories I believed buried.

I have also been amazed at the global reach of the blog. I have had views from the US, France, Holland, Japan, New Zealand and even Saudi Arabia. I also had a very encouraging email from someone in Australia. Thank you to you all. Please feel free to email me with any comments or observations, they are all appreciated. 

This week’s track is Fairport Convention’s “Meet on the ledge”.  There is much of my life that has faded and is either lost or at best vague but some memories are so visceral that they will probably remain with me forever. The day my Mother passed away is one of those times. She had suffered for many years from Motor Neurone Disease and although her death was extremely sad for her family and friends it was a great release for her.

To listen to an audio recording of this poem click here

The day we became orphans


We stood bereft in the hospice

Saying goodbye to you

You had been fading for years

From sharp daybreak contrast

Into a dim moonlit shadow


Over a decade later

My memories have not faded

Occasions, I pleased you

Times, I disappointed

Days, I made you proud


You still remind me

To make the best of myself

That opportunities are for taking

That just being takes courage

That you can cast a long shadow

© Jeff Price May 2017


© Jeff Price May 2017©

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