All you need is love


“All you need is Love” The Beatles

When I woke up on Tuesday to the news of the bombing at the Manchester Arena I was All-You-Need-Is-Love-the-beatles-lennon-mccartney-harrison-starr (1)struck dumb with the enormity of it. That someone could be so cruel, so emotional removed, that they could target a concert full of children leaves me numb. I can not speak for the people of Manchester or even begin for a minute to imagine what the families who were there are going through.

It was 25th June in 1967 when the Beatles did “All You Need is Love” on the TV. It was the first live international satellite television broadcast and I remember how I thought the message was so clear and so true. It seems naive today but in many ways I still think it is true. reading the posts on Facebook this week I noticed a fellow poet Mandy Maxwell also mentioned thinking of this song

My poem this week is simply an attempt to put  into words how I feel.

All You Need is Love

Sadness sits on me like a shroud

Dull with the weight of it

Thoughts confused and distracted

Helpless with the scale of it

Stumbling through the day


I rejoice in those who rushed to care

Communities whose heart is bigger than a bomb

Finding hope in acts of compassion

From the darkness there is vision

From the quiet there is a voice

From the noise there can be peace

From the violence there is humanity

All you need is love.

All you need is love.

All you need is love, love.

Love is all you need.

© Jeff Price May 2017 additional words John Lennon and Paul McCartney

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