The Linden Tree

This week’s artist and song is Crosby Stills, Nash and Young “Our House” It marks that time of year when Lynda and I visit France. For those of you who don’t know the story here is a brief summary. Lynda lived in the Tarn et Garonne region in her twenties with her husband Mike. There they farmed goats, made cheese and raised a daughter. Sadly, Mike became ill with cancer and they returned to the UK for treatment. After Mike’s passing Lynda still kept up her connections with the area and twenty years ago bought a small house in the tiny hamlet of Bordemoulis and for the last seventeen years we have been coming every summer. 

For the next few months my blog poems may take on a Gaelic edge and maybe a garlic flavour. Our arrival is always heralded by the lime tree in the garden which is in full flower at this time of year.

limetree.jpgThe Linden Tree


At the end of the  garden

The linden tree had flowered

Purring like a Porsche

with the sound of a thousand bees

Clouds of poppy red butterflies

Scatter when we open the car door

The evening air is sultry

warmed by the hot tarmac of the country lane

The sun sets behind a vermilion cloud

Whilst mosquitoes scout for supper on the terrace

© Jeff Price May 2017

One thought on “The Linden Tree

  1. Dear Jeff

    Enjoying your weekly poems and choice of music.

    Did you know a lime tree is also called a linden tree – from the German I think. I remember Linden spending so much of her life sniffing flower scents, and now think of her as the flower with the bees and butterflies flying around her.

    Hope that beam is still standing. Blame Samantha if it has moved!

    Love to you both




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