The Non-Bucket List

“I get a kick out of you” Dolly Parton

It is an undeniable fact the everyone needs a Dolly moment in their lives. They may not dollyrealise it or be prepared to acknowledge it but it doesn’t stop it being true. Maybe your Dolly moments are in private and that’s OK. Others will throw open the windows and invite the world to join in.

My Dolly track ticks another box, the wonderful lyrics of Cole Porter. His songs sound joyful but hide a sadness of a man who could not celebrate his sexuality and instead hides his anger and frustration behind the subtle metaphors of his songs. Try listening to David Byrne’s version of “Don’t fence me in.” from the Album “Red Hot and Blue”. A song sung by a thousand right wing rednecks as an anthem but actually about being gay in an intolerant world.

My poem was inspired by the title of Dolly’s song “I get a kick out of you” and is dedicated to Lynda, who has to listen to my half formed poems and always manages to sound interested even when she probably isn’t.


The Non-Bucket list


A pod of friendly dolphins can swim alone

I have never wanted an IPad or an Iphone


A voucher for yodelling lessons will never be cashed

 Alcohol free beer will sit in the fridge uncapped


A McDonald’s burger will never pass my lips

The cream cake will not stay a lifetime on my hips


A baseball cap will never sit backwards on my head

I don’t like the idea of a hammock for a bed


A bungee will dangle unstretched from the Tyne Bridge

I won’t do the Great North Run carrying a fridge


A bottle of single malt can be tipped down the sink

My skin will never feel the tattooist’s needle and ink


A Venetian gondola can remain out of view

But I get a kick out of you


© Jeff Price June  2017

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