The Word on the Wire


“Bird on the Wire” Leonard Cohen

The wonderful and much missed Leonard Cohen performing one of his classic songs. I thought it would be impossible to pick only one Cohen track and it has proved to be true. I expect he will feature again in the future. MI0003364121

As I have mentioned before my wife has a deep connection to the South West of France. It was here she lived with her late husband Mike and I am also Step-Dad to his two daughters. Although Mike and I have never met, I know him through family stories. In fact, in a strange way that I don’t really understand I feel his presence sometimes and although I have no time for the idea of an afterlife, the dead are dead and don’t come back but they do live on in our memories. This poem followed from a visit from Mike’s sister Judy and an evening of wine induced reminiscence on our terrace.

The Word on the Wire


On the terrace I sit with his sister

And his wife


We talk about his beautiful daughters

And their different lives


He rests under the branches of a nearby tree

And whispers his thoughts in the wind


In the cicada hum of the power lines

And the nod of the nearby sunflowers


I am a guardian of his children

And now his grandchildren


He tells me we are comrades in arms

And he is at peace with the present


But sometimes he can registrar his disapproval

By rustling the leaves of the Linden tree


© Jeff Price July 2017

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