Weather Forecast

“Carey” Joni Mitchell

“The wind is in from Africa and last night I couldn’t sleep”

Joni Mitchell album “Blue” is one of my favourites and this track is fantastic. It tells a story and is also full of mystery. Who was “Carey” and where was the Mermaid Cafe? Every time I listen it sends me there and I am drinking wine with them, living in the moment and ignoring the things a pull us away from what we want to do, to what we have to do.

joniIf you want answers to those questions about the song click here

My poem this week was promoted by this track and that after a recent storm our car was covered in a fine layer of sand. The local weather forecast told us that the jet stream has moved south and is pulling sand up from the Sahara and rain is depositing it all over Europe.

My wife Lynda is obsessed with weather forecasts and not only researches our own local weather but the forecast for her daughters and friends.


The Weather Forecast

The jet stream hoovers up swathes of the Sahara desert

Sand from a foreign land, whipped by the wind

Lands on a car windscreen in the South West of France

The air is heavy and sleep eludes her

In the morning she checks the internet weather forecast

Searching for a favourable outcome from different weather sites

Then her children’s home cities are examined

She feels the chill winds and rain of Limerick

The damp of Dublin that keeps her grandchildren indoors

Her hometown never fails to disappoint reminding her why she is here

When September comes she will skulk back north

Once again swathed in layers to keep out the cold

Hibernating through the dark months until the sun calls again

Slipping south shedding her skins as she goes

© Jeff Price August 2017

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