“The Bright Lights Tonight” Richard & Linda Thompson

This song has been going around in my head all week after it came up on a Spotify play richlinda240714w_rex_featureslist. It reminded me of when my daughters lived at home and would get ready for a night out. 

Newcastle has a reputation as a party city and the town centre is full of bars and clubs. Every age, social group and sexual preference is catered for. Although the bars are free to enter the drinks are expensive and so “prinking” was created. Basically, it means getting drunk before you go out working on the premise that it will save you money. Sadly, it usually doesn’t work as the alcohol you drink before you go out decrees your inhibition to not order more alcohol when you do go out.

Last night I heard a new addition to the lexicon of drinking words, we had decided to go out to the local cafe for a quick drink before dinner and my daughter said  “Are we going for an amuse booze?”




My daughter and assorted friends

Have gathered before the Friday night out

Hard earned money in their purses

The fridge is stocked with Prosecco

Soon the bathroom is overrun

They parade before the mirror

Swapping shoes, clothes and gossip

Pimping their outfits until they sparkle

Parade again, open another bottle

Music blasts around the house

The walls shake and they shriek

They are drunk on the joy of life

(as well as the Prosecco)

These moments seem ephemeral

But they cement bonds

They will draw on for years to come

Attachments that will straddle continents

There is power in friendships

Permanency in the cords that tie them

Outside a taxi sounds its horn

Suddenly the house falls silent

After they leave I survey the wreckage

The bedroom is like a war zone

Clothes that did not make the grade

Are scattered like battlefield corpses

The bathroom is a bombed out ruin

I pop a pizza in the oven and open a bottle of beer


©Jeff Price August 2017

*Prinking, short for “pre-drinking” Friends sharing wine etc before a night out.

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