Being Dusty

Dusty Springfield “You don’t have to say you love me.”

dusty-springfield-9491157-1-402Dusty was my first love. That teenage fantasy love where hope triumphs over reality. I loved her despite the fact that we had never met, she was nine years older than me and a pop star. It didn’t stop a boy from dreaming. Even finding out she was gay didn’t change my mind. She had the voice of an angel and when she sang it felt like she was singing just for me and my answer would be:

“Dusty I will say “I love you” even though you don’t fancy men and you live in America and you are an international super star and I work in a carpet shop in Newcastle, I think we can make it work.”

Dusty’s life was not an easy one. She set herself very high standards and was notoriously difficult to work with. She was a very private person who disliked the prurient press interest in her sexuality. She died of Breast Cancer in 1999.

In my teenage years my bedroom wall was decorated with pictures cut from magazines of pop stars like Dusty. This was music that was mine and not my parents. Heaven help an artist that became popular with my parents, I would immediately take their picture down. You won’t find a Cliff Richard or Cilla Black record in my collection.

Strangely that doesn’t seem to apply to my children. They like many of the same bands I enjoy. They have grown up listening to sixties and seventies bands and they also share with me new tracks and bands that they like, some of whom feature in other posts in this blog. 

My poem this week inspired by Dusty’s music and her life is dedicated to all those who have the courage to be who they want to be, not what the world says they should be.


Being Dusty


This is for all those who said No when others told them to say Yes

This is for all those who stood Up when others said sit Down

This is for all those who offered a Hand when others raised a Fist

This is for all those who Cried Out when others told them to be Quiet

This is for all those who Stood Firm when others Ran Away

This for all those who were Positive when others were Negative

This is for all those who tried to Understand when others looked to Blame

This is for all those who Dared to love when others only Dreamed

This is for all the Dusty’s of this world who made a Difference

© Jeff Price November 2017









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