The Fountain

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles. “Tears of a Clown”

Another fab track. The group that later became the Miracles was formed in 1955 by five teenage friends from Detroit Michigan under the name the Five Chimes. Three of the founding members, Smokey Robinson, Pete Moore and Ronald White had been singing together since they each were around the age of eleven.  It must be because they know each others voices so well that you get those amazing close harmonies.

The lyrics are great as well. The song was written by Smokey with theundefined music coming from Stevie Wonder. After “Tears of a Clown” became a number one hit for Tamla Motown they toured extensively but Smokey wanted the home life in Detroit and he retired from the band to take up a management role in Motown Records.

Listening to the track it made me think how much I cry these days. When you are getting older you expect that your body will start to slow down and things will not work as well. Whilst you expect your bones to creak and your internal organs to rebel against the years of mistreatment, I was not expecting that my mental health would also begin to suffer. I have always been a bit of a softie and I never went in for that macho posturing that some Northern men think is a sign of manliness but I never thought I would start to cry at adverts or weep listening to a song. 

The Fountain


They stream down my face like a waterfall in flood

Brought to the surface by the most trivial of thoughts

I can ball during an advert for a building society

They can spring up at a story about a trapped chicken

Flow unbridled after a failed penalty in extra time

Watch me whimper like a baby at a picture of a distressed dog

My nasal passages snivel and snot in sympathy

I watch “Call the Midwife” through a misty veil of tears

Never stand next to me at a wedding or a funeral


©Jeff Price April 2018

One thought on “The Fountain

  1. Hi Jeff

    I totally get that, I’ve long been that type of bloke and have never been afraid to let stuff out, perhaps that’s how I survived everything I’ve had thrown at me in life. I honestly believe that there is a direct correlation and connection for some people to their emotions, directly via images, words and music… I had the ability to deal with the horror of life at the time focusing on the process of what had to be done, but when separated from that process, the emotions come out… A simple tune or image however can get me to that point in seconds…

    Keep it going 🙏

    Tony Gadd Gong Fu Poet 07595 894194 @GongFuPoets



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