On Human Potential



Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip “Thou shalt always kill”

e5d1d1a17fa4ad6505b6fb72fdb765475dd62ca4My thanks this week to the Captain Chris Moir who sent me a CD of songs he thought would make a good addition to the Jukebox. I picked Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip “Thou shalt always jukeboxkill”, it’s a great piece of poetry and music combined into one.

Wiki says “The song comprises an electronic dance beat with the vocals taking the form of a rant at aspects of modern British culture. The pivotal message is to “think for yourselves” rather than to follow current trends or get caught up in hype. The artists claim that the title, and final line of the song, refer to ‘killing’ as performing excellently in the Hip Hop vernacular.

The song was named NME’s track of the week in an April 2007 issue, despite the lyric “thou shalt not read NME” appearing in the song.

At the time of going to press we are in the middle of Brexit negotiations, Donald Trump is stoking the fires of nationalism and racism, Russia and Saudi Arabia are murdering political opponents and austerity in the UK continues to grind the faces of the poor into the dirt. It is easy to become cynical or feel it isn’t worth fighting back, the problems are too huge. It is at times like this we need to step back and get some perspective. 

Here is a poem I hope helps to do that.

On Human Potential

I am not even the blink of an eye

Or a line in a book

For if one book were to represent six hundred million years

Then the earth originated seven books ago

The universe came to be ten books ago

All of human history comprise but two or three letters

Of the very last book

Meaning that I am not even the strike of a pen

We are young and often afraid of what we find

Yet eventually we come around to terms with everything

We have come to understand some amazing things

We know the universe is huge

Ninety thousand billion miles

We’ve compiled a list

Of over three hundred and thirty thousand different types of beetles

Given all of them names

We live in the world of Moore’s law

Where no one awes at the fact

That microprocessing power doubles every year and a half

We jump out of planes for fun

Run marathons

Yawn at photocopiers, x-rays, microwaves

In the average day we see three thousand ads

We are compelled to buy over three hundred and fifty million pounds

Of cranberries each year

Yet we keep tabs on all of this and clearly comprehend it

And despite this

Despite all of this

We still can’t handle when gay people get married

It’s still like,

“Did you know the earth has been around for four point five billion years?”


“Well, that guy wants to marry that other guy.”

“Say what!? You just blew up my brain!

I can’t handle it, it’s not natural, I don’t get it!”

Believe me; you can get it

People all over the world have done so much more

There’s an explosive expert Alison Bly

Who has blown herself up over five hundred times and survived

A near nude Dutch man

Once spent sixty-six minutes in a barrel of ice

An English guy on a motorbike

Once sliced through a tunnel of fire one hundred and fifty feet long

A man from the Ukraine

Spent fifty-five years in his attic to avoid first the Nazis

Then the Russian draft

If they did all that then the least we can do is get with the times

It will only get harder

Those to come will have to understand some even more amazing things

They’ll be on video phones to their own clones

From these invisible homes in the sky

They’ll discover time travel, eventually

So we can safely assume that they are with us now

In a dimension we can’t see

Taking history class

Wishing we would act as if we knew they were watching us

Our children are watching us

They will judge us for how fast we come to terms with each other

A man once balanced seventy-five beer glasses on his chin

For over ten seconds

You can imagine the concentration

You know he might have even flinched

If you had whispered six seconds through,

“Gay people want to get married, too.”


© Jeff Price November 2018


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